Meet the White Mage of the Art World

Lindsey Luu combines Art Deco and Traditional Japanese Styles to showcase the world’s beauty, complexity, and wonder.

Despite her success after spending 13 years in the Information Technology field, Lindsey didn’t understand why she was unhappy and burnt out. When she was diagnosed with combined ADHD at age 30, Lindsey realized her depression and anxiety would continue as long as she pursued someone else’s version of the “American Dream.” In December 2022, leaving the safety of her house and job behind, Lindsey took her first step towards understanding herself and defining what being rich, happy, and healthy meant for her.

Today, Lindsey Luu inspires individuals through her tender storytelling and exceptional artwork. Lindsey is committed to delivering high-quality illustrations while advocating altruism, spreading mental health awareness, and empowering others to define and pursue their own happiness. As an avid gamer, talented artist, and anime lover, Lindsey is determined to use her skills to bring merriment, mindfulness, and wonder to the world.

The Zodiac Constellations

The Zodiac Constellations

This collection features traditional astral signs drawn in Lindsey Luu's unique art deco style. Each zodiac includes its original star formation. One striking aspect of these pieces is the absence of facial expressions and transparent skin. The artist intentionally did this to encourage the audience to see themselves in their zodiac, regardless of race and gender identification. The zodiac's outline matches the celestial white of the stars to remind us that we are all made of stardust and can shine brightly in the darkness.